Super Bowl and Missionaries

Yeah, I've been hearing about the awful weather out there! Washington has been pretty sunny this whole winter because of it so thank you for your endurance on my behalf!
Super bowl miracle! We had nothing we could do except tract for the last bit of the super bowl, but it was actually a blessing to do that because the Seahawks blew out the Broncos 43 - 8 so a) people were in a good mood b) not really paying attention to the game. So I was surprised how many people talked to us for a bit before closing the door. And they'd always tell us how the Seahawks were winning. And there was this one house that closed the door, but as we walked away they called out after us if we wanted anything to eat, and of course we did, so we ended up teaching them the Restoration and leaving a Book of Mormon, and they said we could drop by again in a few weeks. So we're not sure about their interest level but it should skyrocket if they actually do what we said and read and pray.
I'm about to run out of time again, so sorry this one is short. Which I think goes against some promise I made last week to talk all about Washington. Oh well.
Gotta go! Love you guys! Thank you for the support!!!!
Elder Michael Pierce