For some horrible reason we can only go once a year. It's because its out of our mission, but its only 30 minutes away. So this was quite the event. But because of the trip P-day is cut short so I don't have much time to email.

Lynsey wrote me and told me that she loved reading my blog and would love it more if there were more to read. So apologize to her that this week will be even scarcer than the others, but next week I will do my best to give a sweeping Tolkien landscape of my mission area and three pages of the background on each investigator and cool member. Something like that.

The fellow who walked up to us and said he wanted to join our church, cannot join in the near future because of his felony probation for a DUI last year. But he's a very humble guy and is okay with it. He knows quite a bit from past investigation and already has a strong testimony of the priesthood. Thank heavens.

Yep. I mean, lots happened this week but I don't have time to report it. Sorry, I'm lame this week. BUT THE TEMPLE WAS AMAZING!!  Great experience.

From Michael's Mom:
For those who want to learn more about our temples - why we have them, what their purpose is, etc. - you can learn more at mormon.org here's a link to the FAQ section about temples.  It has a short summary, links to other temple questions and links to what real Mormons have to say about our temples.