Excerpts 11/16/13

I've received a lot of spiritual support from the Lord this week from others and from personal revelation, so I've been very blessed. I apparently have continued to earn my reputation as the greatest missionary trainee ever, so that helps me feel really good! The best experience we've had this week was with John, a truck driver with a nice house -- he's very friendly and we've met with him a lot to do a lot of service, and he's had us play fuzzball with him and loved it. But he also has a really powerful drive to learn about this church, which is difficult because he has a history of heavy drinking, so I think his mind is a bit fuzzled and its incredibly hard to reason in a straight line with him, but he's driven to learn. We've been reading the Book of Mormon with him and he really enjoys it, and there's an old girlfriend who visited him one of the visits who he wants to get back together with who we also gave a Book of Mormon and read with. So that was all pretty cool. There have been some beautiful moments this week that have strengthened me, but not really related to the work so much as the Lord comforting me.